Scheduled Workshops

Plein Air With a Pro - Caroline Jasper

Mar 7, 14, 21, 27, 2018
4 Wednesdays

New location each week

Sponsored by Peace River Painters

North Port, Venice, Port Charlotte, FL


Peace River Painters

Plein Air Painting

Powercolor Painting Retreat
Acrylics and Oils

April 9-13, 2018
5 Day Workshop

Powercolor Painting

Workshop Description

Sponsored by
Caroline Jasper Studio

Vandiver Inn
301 S. Union Ave.
Havre de Grace, MD 21087


Vandiver Inn

Students Talk

I'm back home and still "high"! The whole workshop was an epiphany to me and for me! Amazing! It was the icing on the cake for my attemp for the past 6-9 month to paint faster and bolder. You taught me how to do it... AND I get it."
Jan Button

""Thank you for providing another week of intense learning and opportunities for stretching our art muscles. The week goes by too quickly! Thank you, thank you, thank you! See you next year!""
Robbyn Zimmerman

"A HUGE thank you for a wonderful, instructive workshop - the best I have ever attended!"
Rachel Ross

Looser Paintings Land & Water

June 18-22, 2018
5 Day Workshop
Oil, Acrylics, Water-Soluble Oils or other opaque media

Looser Paintings
Land & Water

workshop description

Sponsored by Out of Our Minds Gallery

2060 Cape Bear Road Route 18
Beach Point
Murray Harbour
PEI Canada C0A 1V0

Registration: 902-962-3612
Sandi Komst: stsomk51@hotmail.com

Students Talk

"Caroline, your Powercolor Painting workshop was the BEST I have ever taken.To teach art, it is not enough to be a good artist. Having taken a couple of workshops from artists whom I admired as artists and thought I would learn from, I know from whence I speak. Being a good (or great) teacher is the real key. And you, my dear, are a great teacher Your education background made a huge difference in tech quality of the workshop. You spent more time with each of us individually than I have ever experienced in a workshop. And that was quality time , too. Thank you Caroline. You have inspired me."
Kaaren McNulty

Student Reviews

"Your workshop was really inspiring! I just got back from the art store with a pad of canvas paper and a fun palette knife! I always make a couple of projects after taking a workshop so it sticks in my brain."
Graciela Eulate

"You are an inspiring teacher and I hope to see you again someday. My takeaway is the black and white value studies and use of strong color!."
Rita Guy


"It was an amazing experience. I'm looking at everything in my world now through the lense of an artist. I have no formal training and have been calling myself  a wanna-be artist for years. After the amazing lessons and encouagement, I am stepping up to the plate and believing that I finally am an artist. Thank you so much!!!"
  Denise Hoe, Vandiver Inn, Havre de Grace, MD, 2017

"A HUGE thank you for a wonderful, instructive workshop - the best I have ever attended!"  
  Rachel Ross, Vandiver Inn, Havre de Grace, MD 2017

"Thank you for providing another week of intense learning and opportunities for stretching our art muscles. The week goes by too quickly! Thank you, thank you, thank you!See you next year!"
  Robbyn Zimmerman, Vandiver Inn, Havre de Grace, MD 2017

"I'm still excited to do skies ever since your workshop. I've been talking about it a lot with my friends, and will most likely bring several next year. Thanks again for your fabulous workshop!"
  Judy Boyle, Create Center for the Arts, Palm Desert, CA 2017

"From today's class, I think this is my fourth time taking a workshop with Caroline Jasper, possibly 5th. I always have fun stretching limits in her class. This week I am playing with a pallet knife."
  Katinka Clementsmith, Create Center for the Arts, Palm Desert, CA 2017

"Really enjoyed the Powercolor painting workshop. Looking forward to attending next year's workshop."
  Carol Foster, Create Center for the Arts, Palm Desert, CA 2017

"I learned a lot from your class. I love your 'attachment' to color."
  Gloria Santiago, Create Center for the Arts, Palm Desert, CA 2017


"As the ALOC board president, I want to thank you for bringing your workshop to OC! Art matters, and we are trying to make it matter here. I am blessed to oversee this gift of art in our community. You have stretched me and I will need to consider how your technique fits my work. I relly like how bright red is the lilght in shadows. I am in awe of your talent and ability to communicate verbally, through the written word, and visibly. I sincerely thank you for spending three days with us! God's riched blessings on you, hopefully as bright as your colors!"
Marian Bickerstaff, Art League of Ocean City 3 day workshop, 2016

"Your Ocean City, MD workshop provided significant learning for me in understanding color and values managememt as well as in perspective and application of my knowledge and approach to painting. I learned so much on so many levels. Your many experiential learning processes especially - including the ones at the end to keep us thrilled and engaged to the last second. And, you have instilled a variety of techniques and approaches to painting which I could see evidence of with each of us in your workshop. Honestly, a marvelous feat in just a few days!"
Kaz Huston, Art League of Ocean City 3 day workshop, 2016

"I learned soooooo much about color!"
Doris Messick, Art League of Ocean City 3 day workshop, 2016

"You are fantastic. I loved every minute of the workshop. I am already looking forward to seeing you next February!"
Diana Schenkman, Venus Studios 5 day workshop, 2016

"Thank you, Caroline! Can't believe how much I've learned this week. The first hour alone was worth the price of admission."
Rebecca Bangs, Venus Studios 5 day workshop, 2016


"Thank you again for a fantastic workshop, Painting Water in New Ways at Art of the Carolinas, this past week. You have continued to inspire and challenge me in letting go of the little brush, to look at and apply painting in a bold new way, and as always amaze myself at the result. There is a never ending story of new ways to find my voice and your approach to instruction has been more of a mentor than teacher, and for that I am very grateful for your exceptional talent, your vision and the joy you have in sharing it. Thanks again for the great week!"
Jeffrey Kanters, Art of the Carolinas, 2015

"Thanks again for the great week!"
Pat Muller, Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, 5 day workshop, 2015

"Thank you again for all you did to make for a great workshop experience! You are a sweetheart and a wonderful instructor!"
Allison Welch, Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, 5 day workshop, 2015

"Thank you for a perfect week of 100% painting joy! You are a wealth of knowledge! Fantastic week.Thank you Caroline!"
Margaret Martine, Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, 5 day workshop, 2015

"Thank you again for sharing your expertise with Mike and me at Dillmans last week."
Julie Edwards, Dillmans 4 Day workshop, 2015

"Thank you for the great class. It was fun exploring unfamiliar territory. That's what workshops are for right? Series painting is something I've been wanting to look furher into, so it was a great experience."
Tomomi Uedo, Vermont Art Event, 2015

"Great class, wonderful group of artista with a super teacher!!!!!!!"
Alida Cordero, Vermont Art Event, 2015

"You are a born teacher. You not only know the subject very well, you know how to teach it effectively. What I have learned from you is invaluable. I will be back."
Min-Yin Yang, Powercolor Retreat - Vandiver Inn, 2015

"Thank you so much for a wonderfully enlightening week. I already miss class! For a while, after class is over, I see things differently (even more so than usual) as I wander through the day. How would I handle that sky? How would I treat that scene? Would that make a good composition? And in my head, I hear your voice! "Push that back, dull that...bring that forward...." And I smile, because I am beginning to understand what you mean. Thank you again for a marvelous week. It went way too fast."
Robbyn Zimmerman, Powercolor Retreat - Vandiver Inn, 2015

"So much fun! Thank you for all the wonderful instruction, encouragement, "tough love moments" , and letting us all in the light that is Caroline Jasper. As experienced before, your delivery of the cerebral and technical aspects of creating a painting in your clear, organized and professional manner is superior to any other workshop and instruction I've ever had as an adult since I began my own journey as an aspiring artist. My personal growing pains continue, but I came away with a continuum of "ah-ha" moments in clips and blips, while making my way back home. I "painted" images of the landscapes I saw in my mind's eye thinking through the various "bullet points" of your mini-lectures ("value trumps color" was a biggie !)."
Candice Russell, Powercolor Retreat - Vandiver Inn, 2015

"I love your instruction and your individual concern for each participant. You gave me lots of constructive criticism with really helpful solutions and reasons for your comments. As with the workshop in cloudcroft, I find myself looking at landscapes with a different eye. Trying to separate the lights from the darks and the distant areas from the middle grounds and foregrounds. I see shadows much more clearly because I am looking at them. Thank you again for your knowledge and passion and for all that you did to enhance our stay in Havre de Grace."
Nancy Hull, Powercolor Retreat - Vandiver Inn, 2015

"It was so much fun and I am sure I will use your technique in my paintings."
Jane Glanzer, David Art Center, 2015

"Thank you for a wonderful (though sometimes frustrating) painting experience. I will never look at a landscape in the same way. Nor will I look at color in the same way."
Karen Heiferman, Venus Studios, 2015

"I thoroughly enjoyed your class. I especially appreciated your academic approach to color. I will be able to apply your theories to many aspects of my work."
Julie Korsmeyer, Venus Studios, 2015

"I had the BEST painting experience ever!! You will see me in future workshops."
Barbara Weightman, Venus Studios, 2015

"What a great teacher Caroline is. Opened my eyes to colors in all their complexities and grandeur! So many wonderful pictures were created by everyone. I had many, many, learning moments!!! Senior ones too! Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us"
Carolyn Witt, Venus Studios, 2015

"Thank you!!!! I learned so much in such a short time!!!"
Michelle Held, Art Center Sarasota, 2015

"Great class. I learned a lot. Loved all the examples you had as I am a visual person. Many thanks."
Brenda Hadjian, Art Center Sarasota, 2015

"It's been a great and intimidating few days in Powercolor Workshop, but I love the total immersion and have truly enjoyed your professionalism. Your clear delivery of information and organized presentation has been one of the best experiences I've had in a workshop and classroom to date. I'm so glad I took the step to sign up! Learning to let go and this workshop has been a great start to that end. Caroline is knowledgeable, professional, and an excellent teacher. So glad she came to Art Center Sarasota!!"
Candice Russell, Art Center Sarasota, 2015


"Thank you for yet another thrill ride workshop at the AOC. You’re a wonderful artist and a gifted teacher. Thank you again for your teaching and inspiration."
Charlie Stott, Art of the Carolinas, 2014

"Thank you so much for the workshops this weekend. They are really exceptional, fresh and exciting. Once again, you have surpassed yourself in creating workshops that are engaging and stretched the imagination. They have totally changed the way I see and make paintings. Your gentle and positive encouragement to push the boundaries of my comfort zone has boosted my confidence in the way I paint. I especially love the techniques on moving towards abstraction; just what I was looking for! Thank you for teaching me to paint these gorgeous scenes from nature. I look at the painting I did and couldn't believe that I actually was able to paint it. I am so grateful for your guidance and instructions and look forward to more time to paint with you."
Tina McCoy, Art of the Carolinas, 2014

"I learn from the best."
Preston Sandlin, Art of the Carolinas, 2014

"I wanted to thank you for so beautifully sharing your passion for painting at AOC. Something in your style and message truly resonates with me. Getting lost in the details has been a challenge. The idea of letting go of the small brush and going with a big brush has been confronting, yet the results for me have been breakthrough. The application of color is finally making sense in ways I never imagined. I will be completing my two paintings from each of your workshops as holiday gifts this year. Many thanks always, and yes I will be looking at what is on tap for your workshops in 2015. Greater immersion is definitely indicated."
Jeff Kanters, Art of the Carolinas, 2014

"Thank you for the wonderful Sunrise-Sunset workshop yesterday at the AOC. You're a great teacher! Your "new" (to me) painting technique/style with no doubt, will influence in the "creating" of my artworks from now on...I'm thinking at least a couple paintings I will do soon. Over the past several years, I've taken a few of AOC painting workshops; honestly, yours has been my favorite. I'm sure I will be in one of your classes in the future."
Lam-Son Nguyen, Art of the Carolinas, 2014

"Thank you for a wonderful workshop this Saturday, Painting Light and Shadows. Inspiring, I am seeing through a new lens. I wish to express my joy and gratitude to you for all I learned."
Many Blessings, Caryl Anne, Art of the Carolinas, 2014

"Caroline's engaging teaching style encourages her students (even those of us who aren't acrylic painters) to break out and have fun trying something new. She is a gentle coach, who explained why her suggestions would improve my painting, which they did! I learned a lot in one 3-hour workshop! I love her work and the passion she puts into her teaching."
Lynn Cummings, Vermont Art Event, 2014

"Thank you so much for the great classes!"
Annette Bauerle, Vermont Art Event, 2014

"Thanks for a wonderful workshop. You're a great teacher. I feel like I learned so much. It was very good information. You have entitled me with colorMargaret Bailey, Cloudcroft, NM 2014, Wonderful to sit under your teaching again. Thank you."
Debra Curry, Cloudcroft, NM 2014

"Wonderful workshop. Really prepared!"
Bobby Hettinga, Cloudcroft, NM 2014

"Thank you for your patience and willingness to teach a rookie!"
Leslie Grantham, Cloudcroft, NM 2014

"Thank you for teaching me to not worry about details and fussiness."
Melissa Greenwade, Cloudcroft, NM 2014

"You are a great teacher! Thank you so much."
Cindy Voight, Cloudcroft, NM 2014

"Wonderful week!"
Nancy Marinoich, Cloudcroft, NM 2014

"You are an awesome teacher! Thank you."
Kathleen Sun, Cloudcroft, NM 2014

"A wonderful class! Your teaching methods help me dissect landscapes. I never had the guts to tackle them before. Thank you."
Nancy Hull, Cloudcroft, NM 2014

"We all had a great time, and I really appreciate your teaching methods. Now if I can just remember to simplify and use pure color! Sure was fun to paint with you! Hope to work with you again someday Caroline"
Vivian Dunbar, Dillmans, WI, 2014

"I had a ball! It sure was nice seeing you again and learning from you. Hope to see you again sometime! Love your paintings!"
Anne Torda, Dillmans, WI, 2014

"Truly, I've found that of all the art workshops I've attended, your workshops are definitely the best. You are always impeccably prepared. Your visuals are clear, informative, and memorable, and you walked us through the process with care and mindfulness. You are very knowledgeable of the subject matter and share this knowledge with open heart and generosity. In the recent workshop at Vandiver Inn, you went above and beyond in making sure that everyone is comfortable and enjoying the workshop. Your attentiveness for our well-being is refreshing and very much appreciated. I also admire the way you encourage us to meet the challenge of the unfamiliar, and because of this everyone in this workshop seemed to blossom and transformed themselves. I've learned a lot more from you in this recent workshop; not just the process and the techniques, but also the nuances of the colors. My gratitude to you for helping me see clearly and for re-igniting my passion for colors. You are AMAZING and AWESOME."
Tina McCoy, Vandiver Inn, MD, 2014

"What a wonderful week!"
Monica Morgan, Vandiver Inn, MD, 2014

"It was an awesome week. I loved working with all. Caroline is such an excellent teacher."
Nancy Alexander, Vandiver Inn, MD, 2014

"I want to stay another week!!!"
Robbyn Zimmerman, Vandiver Inn, MD, 2014

"I really enjoyed the class."
Kathleen Sun, Vandiver Inn, MD, 2014

"I am so excited to be taking one of your paintings home. Thank you for a marvelous week. I know we'll meet again."
Susan Butler, Vandiver Inn, MD, 2014

"Thank you so much for a good workshop and a great time."
May Tignall, Vandiver Inn, MD, 2014

"I had a wonderful time at both your 'Drawing for Painters' and 'Powercolor Crash Course'. Thank you so much for your very encouraging manner and clear teaching style. You really know how to teach! I especially appreciated your color mixing presentation and wonder how I never learned that before! What a gift! Thank you for that and all the other techniques you shared. I've told my brother about you, and we hope to take one of your Maryland classes sometime in the future. I love your website! I'll keep in touch and keep my paints un-muddied - or is it un-muddled?"
Kaye Eckert, The Visual Art Center, Punta Gorda, FL, 2014

"I loved your class! I am reading your book and I believe you have inspired me to change the way I paint!"
Sandy Hanert, The Visual Art Center, Punta Gorda, FL, 2014

"Learned soooo much in today's workshop!"
Doris Messick, The Visual Art Center, Punta Gorda, FL, 2014

"Thank you for a great color crash course yesterday at the VAC. I know I will use your teachings every time I paint. Looking forward to viewing your video. Hope to see you again."
Wendi Smith, The Visual Art Center, Punta Gorda, FL, 2014

"I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. I have taken lots of them, and always come away with some new information, but the amount you covered and got across in 5 days was by far the most I have seen. In a fun and unintimidating atmosphere, we learned so much that will help our art. I'm already working on a new acrylic piece using my new color knowledge. I'm very pumped!!!"
Helen Newsome, Venus Studios Art Supply, Palm Desert, CA, 2014

"I learned so much Caroline. I'm planning to paint tomorrow and will be thinking of you."
Barb Weightnman, Venus Studios Art Supply, Palm Desert, CA, 2014

"Thanks so much for your help. Keep teaching and stay young."
Glad Potzus, Venus Studios Art Supply, 2014

"I want to thank you again for being such a great teacher. I furthered my knowledge last week in your class, while having fun!"
Lisa Jacques, Venus Studios Art Supply, Palm Desert, CA, 2014

"It was a GREAT week. I hated to see it end and am eager to block time for more painting now that you've lit a fire under me!"
Sharon Bock, Venus Studios Art Supply, Palm Desert, CA, 2014

"It was lots of fun."
Lynn O'Brien, Venus Studios Art Supply, Palm Desert, CA, 2014

"Best workshop ever. I am learning so much!." "What a great week with Caroline Jasper at Venus Art Studios in Palm Desert. Caroline is a color expert and this is the second time I have taken her workshop and it won't be the last."
Katinka Clementsmith, Venus Studios Art Supply, Palm Desert, CA, 2014


"Thank you Caroline for helping to open my mind to some different possibilities that have been hidden beneath the surface. I consider myself a fairly good Impressionist artist, but at your workshop I discovered ways to go back to the original underpinnings of Impressionism by employing techniques developed by French masters, but with an entirely modern and colorful flair. This is news I can use."
Charlie Scott, Art of the Carolinas, 2013

"Thank you for the wonderful workshop! I am already using your information as I make my color choices. I appreciate all you share!!"
Tina Calle, Art of the Carolinas, 2013

"I thoroughly enjoyed your class. I have given thought to your instruction since the class and I believe I "get it" better now."
Dawn Bryant, Art of the Carolinas, 2013

"Had a great time trying acrylic. Love to try something new. Never too old to learn."
Sarah Jur, Art of the Carolinas, 2013

"I am home enjoying the after glow of the workshop. Do not want to re-enter the atmosphere! I had sooo much fun and look forward to more. My schedule is pretty full, but in the near future I will join in again! You are incredible. Thank you for that."
Kathleen Carter, Wildacres Art Workshop Retreat, 2013

"The workshop was a wonderful learning experience and I thank you for that."
Alice Kreplely, Wildacres Art Workshop Retreat, 2013

"We enjoyed the class and learned a lot. Wildacres leaves a warm glow, doesn't it?"
Margaret Agner, Wildacres Art Workshop Retreat, 2013

"Thank you. Learned a lot and appreciated the critiques."
Betsy Booth, Wildacres Art Workshop Retreat, 2013

"We truly had a blast, as you may have noticed! Great group, great teacher, perfect weather - what can I say?"
Linda Farmer, Dillman's Creative Arts Foundation. Lac du Flambeau, WI 2013

"I hope to keep experimenting with the wonderful approach presented in the Powercolor workshop. The paintings we did got a great reception back here---everyone loved the color, vibrancy and life. Your class helped me achieve a new level of appreciation of the powerful uses (and abuses) of color mixing in my own painting. The modification of my own technique, through having been exposed to your way of seeing, will benefit all future work to come."
Laura Tedeschi, The Elliott Museum, Stuart, FL 2013

"It was a great experience to learn something new. I know I will incorporate some of your techniques in my future works."
Bett Appel, Dillman's Creative Arts Foundation. Lac du Flambeau, WI 2013

"Your workshop last year in Cloudcroft, NM was so helpful in getting me back on the right track after 15+ years of not even picking up a brush! Can't tell you how much I appreciate you and your instruction!"
Debra Curry 9/2013, Cloudcroft, NM

"It was a great learning experience. Best yet. A great bunch of fellow painters. What a wonderful experience I had. I learned so very much and can't stop painting now that I'm home. I look forward to a future class with you. Thank you again for a great and fun workshop."
Polly Day, Dillman's Creative Arts Foundation. Lac du Flambeau, WI 2013

"It was a great workshop."
Alida Cordero, The Elliott Museum, Stuart, FL 2013

"I took your oil class in Burlington and really enjoyed it. Great information and it made me excited to jump in and give oils a serious try. I also bought your POWERCOLOR book, and am loving it."
Lin Morris, Vermont Art Event ,Burlington, VT 2013

"Thank you for the helpful tips in yesterday's workshop. As an art educator for over thirty years and an experienced painter, I am always looking for information that will impact my teaching and bring my paintings to another level. Your workshop provided that. Many Thanks"
Arnie Casavant, Vermont Art Event, Burlington, VT 2013

"I just wanted to tell you how much I LOVED your 5-day workshop at Cheap Joe's. You take a methodical approach to teaching your painting style, which really helps. Also, I find your style vibrant and exciting. I was on a sort of "high" after I cam home from the workshop."
Barbara Brennan, Cheap Joe's Art Workshops, Boone, NC 2013

"Caroline, thanks so much. Fabulous workshop!"
Eva Kon, Cheap Joe's Art Workshops, Boone, NC 2013

"Had a wonderful week!"
Carol Jones, Cheap Joe's Art Workshops, Boone, NC 2013

"Caroline's workshop was wonderful. We had a fabulous time. Caroline is a great teacher and she had a lot to teach us about the use of color... pure beautiful color and how it works to liven up your paintings. I learned a lot about bold color which I always kept away from. It will be a great tool in my work."
Dale Estka, Beach Art Group, Panama City Beach, FL 2013

"I am so happy with all of the new things I learned from you. What a wonderful teacher you are!!! I have little red 6"x9" pieces of canvas paper all around my studio waiting for me to paint lots of new studies. Now I just have to get busy. Thank you so much for coming here. We will be looking forward to your next workshop."
Bonnie Sturgis, Art Group, Panama City Beach, FL 2013

"It was great fun and I have been homeworking all afternoon. I am prepping canvases tonight and painting tomorrow. You have inspired me to learn, learn, and learn more. Another workshop one day is in the cards!"
Lisa Schwieszer, Beach Art Group, Panama City Beach, FL 2013


"I attended a class of yours at Art of the Carolinas last November. When I was in Washington, DC past weekend, the Tidal Basin water reminded me of your class. I could 'see' the horizontal lines of color you taught us about. My picture in Raleigh may not have turned out as a masterpiece, but I did listen and learn. Thank you for this gift of 'seeing'. All best wishes to you."
Kathy Blomme, Art of the Carolinas, 2012

"I enjoyed your class on water. Thanks for the tips on improving my painting!"
Deborah Joynes, Art of the Carolinas, 2012

"I learned a lot from you Caroline. I have not done a lot of painting with oils and it is different in your approach --as I found out."
Sondra Lucas, Art of the Carolinas, 2012

"Thank you for the red canvas workshop. I worked on it Saturday evening and have it finished! Great learning experience! I am going to remember your dates for the Vermont workshop,and try to join you again then. It would be a wonderful week in VT!"
Karen Wiley-Eberle, Art of the Carolinas, 2012

"I enjoyed your class so much! You introduced me to new techniques that I would not have thought of. You have a way of instilling confidence in your students regardless of their experience level. I loved the freshness of your approach to painting especially starting on vivid ground colors. I am excited about painting my first canvas starting on a red ground!"
Annie Suess, Art of the Carolinas, 2012

"The lecture material, along with your book POWERCOLOR, have re ignited my heartfelt supplication for the arts. Your class was my first after 35 yrs of heartache (no brush, no paint, nothing-too busy with business & work). NOW, to learn and grow at the re-entry level, sparked that passion and desire to learn more, read more, visit art shows and study the masters. Thank you for the kick in the pants in your own sensitive and truthful way. It was an honor and privilege to sit in the classroom with one of the masters. May God provide the increase and peace in your life that allows you to be real. And you my dear friend are the real deal!"
David Greenfield, Art of the Carolinas, 2012

"I am a watercolor painter who participated in your Tuesday Drawing class. It was just terrific. It both introduced some very helpful new ideas and was a great review of other concepts that I had forgotten. Three hours well spent! You are an excellent communicator."
Karen Bruett, Vermont Art Event, Burlington, VT, July 2012

"What a delightful week. You have taught so much and I have absorbed until my head is on overload. I can't wait to apply more vibrancy to my work. Thank you. Thank you!"
Sally Eaves, Cloudcroft Art Workshops, 2012

"Thank you for a great workshop. The week was a real pleasure! I appreciated your organization, presentations, and all your individual help... a good week for me."
Janis Loverin, Cloudcroft Art Workshops, 2012

"Thanks so much for a great workshop! Can't tell you how much I enjoyed it and how much I needed it! I learned so much as well as getting a lot of refreshers! I've had a wonderful time - learning and creating."
Debra Curry, Cloudcroft Art Workshops, 2012

"Wow! Have I ever learned a lot about color. Thank you."
Carolyn Walker, Cloudcroft Art Workshops, 2012

"Great workshop. You are such a great teacher. Maybe even I will take up oils."
Carolyn Sharp, Cloudcroft Art Workshops, 2012

"I so enjoyed it. I want to thank you for your workshop. You make your students feel so comfortable in your learning environment and, oh, you leave with such a wealth of information. I paint on red background and follow your instructional guidelines and so enjoy the painting process. My grandson, Wade Yantis, 4th grade, Mrs. Steward's G.T. class, Pittsburgh Elementary, Pittsburgh, Texas, chose you as his artist to research for his art project. He demonstrated your signature red canvas and your painting procedures in steps. His final painting is on 8x10 canvas, acrylic, landscape."
Madlyn Yantis, Cloudcroft Art Workshops, 2012

"I was in your 'Drawing for Painters' class and felt very well taught. It was helpful to me to just feel like one of your high school students. Thank your for being such an excellent teacher. As a student, it's confidence building to feel your dynamic professionalism."
Tanya Cimonetti, Vermont Art Event, Burlington, VT, July 2012

"Thanks for all your good teaching and great motivating spirit. I had a wonderful time in your classes at the Vermont Art Event. You are such a breath of fresh air! I've been in a bit of a funk with my painting, but I'm ready to approach my work with some fresh insights and techniques as a result of your "Painting Water" class. I also ate up your demonstrations and critiques. Thanks too for all your positive energy and excellent organization as a teacher. Your classes are full of information and inspiration. I hope to be a part of more workshops in the future."
Ellie Morency, Vermont Art Event, Burlington, VT, July 2012

"I loved the classes and learned much and look forward to applying your technique."
Cathy Croteau, Vermont Art Event, Burlington, VT, July 2012

"Thanks for the great class! I hope to take more workshops with you. Love your work!"
Annette Bauerie, Vermont Art Event, Burlington, VT, July 2012

"I love your classes. You organize them really well and give a lot of important information. Thanks for the great classes. I'll check your website and newsletter to see where you are going this year."
Carlie DeGaetano, Vermont Art Event, Burlington, VT, July 2012

"Thanks again for sharing your insight and talent. You remain the primary influence in my painting. It takes time for your simple concepts to sink in and make an impact on new artists paintings. For example it took me two years to learn to let the red shine through instead of wanting to cover it up. I think that 5 day workshops allow more time for info to settle in and for you to interact with artists and provide feedback. Your time with painters is quite important; what you demonstrate or point out is excellent"
Tony Radcliffe, Venus Studios Art Space, Palm Desert, CA, March 2012

"Your workshops are full of applicable information, an amazing amount of individualized attention and pure joy! During the workshops, you are first and foremost an intuitive, giving teacher who knows when to instruct and when to let a fledgling artist find her own way. Color theory is introduced, explored in detail and immediately put into practice. Thank you for taking me on an exciting journey. I look forward to 'traveling' with you again!"
Sherry Pound West, Venus Studios Art Space, Palm Desert, CA, March 2012

"I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your workshop last Friday in Palm Desert. I went home confused, as shown in my Joshua tree, but then I watched your DVD and woke up in the middle of the night and it was my EUREKA moment. I got it. It may take a while to actually do it, but I understand now. My new mantra is EACH STROKE COUNTS, no matter how small. Sometimes old (bad) habits are hard to break. See you next time."
Marilyn Medley, Venus Studios Art Space, Palm Desert, CA, March 2012

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day... I am a new painter and was concerned that the workshop would be too advanced for me. I have never put a ground on a canvas before painting. I'm going to practice using that method and see where it takes me. Thank you for a most wonderful experience."
Gayle Rosenbaum, Venus Studios Art Space, Palm Desert, CA, March 2012

"Thank you for the great workshop we had. It was so informative and certainly took me to another level. I really enjoyed it. Will be watching out for the next workshop."
Sandy Bogert Ringling College of Art & Design, Sarasota, FL, Mar. 2012

"Had a great day. Read your book - it really had a lot of basic information that I needed. Very good."
Arthur Marlin, Ringling College of Art & Design, Sarasota, FL, Mar. 2012

"Thank you so much for sharing the wisdom and talent so freely! Your presentation and prep for our workshop was outstanding!"
Krista McCampbell, Ringling College of Art & Design, Sarasota, FL, Feb. 2012

"I really enjoyed the workshop. I like the process you use to explain the concepts and the steps you recommend, with the emphasis on visual aids (Duh! Too often ignored by instructors, I find). You invested a lot of your own energy in both the instruction portion and in the coaching portion. and that transferred itself to all of us, I think. And while I found the unfamiliar process difficult to wrap my mind around at first, your frequent 'pit stops' at my easel were really helpful. I hope to take more of your workshops and look forward to meeting up with you again."
Anne Conway, Ringling College of Art & Design, Sarasota, FL, Feb. 2012


"Just wanted to thank you for a great workshop. You're a great teacher; you really kept the class moving. Some of the paintings were fabulous and I'm going to try some different colored gessoes. That girl across the aisle from me who used the purple had great results. That was a bold move and it really paid off! And thank you so much for the tip about putting the oil paint in the freezer."
Marla Laubisch [www.marlalaubisch.com], Art of the Carolinas, Raleigh, NC, Oct. 2011

"Because of what I learned from Caroline Jasper... I was finishing a painting and my 7 year old daughter walks in and she looks at my painting. I showed her my reference picture and asked 'Does this look like the picture?' She said, 'No Daddy your painting looks better because it has prettier colors.'"
Preston Sandlin, Art of the Carolinas, Raleigh, NC Oct. 2010, 2011 Cheap Joe's, Boone NC, June, 2011

"I just want to say how much I enjoyed your workshop. My family loved the style and it helped me to really push away from what I normally do."
Debbie Coble, Art of the Carolinas, Raleigh, NC, Oct. 2011

"I really really enjoyed the class. You're a talented and fun teacher, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again."
Beti Strobeck, Art of the Carolinas, Raleigh, NC Oct. 2011

"Thank you! I had a wonderful time at Art of the Carolinas. It was my first time at the event and will not be my last! I took 6 workshops - wanted to get as much exposure as I could to different techniques. Your workshop showed me the benefit of value studies, something I haven't been doing. Also, the many tips you gave us are greatly appreciated. Your technique is beautiful. You reinforced that strong lights and darks are extremely important for a successful painting. There is so much to remember which will come with practice. If I had had time for them, I would have probably taken more of your workshops. Thank you again for making my time at Art of the Carolinas a rewarding experience!"
Norma Swan, Art of the Carolinas, Raleigh, NC, Oct. 2011

"I took several workshops with other artists while I was there and they were good, but yours was great!! I really learned a lot about the value in a picture that will carry me forward in how I look at things in the future. This was my first time in Raleigh, but will definitely not be the last, and I will be planning on attending more than one of your classes. I'm also going to keep my eyes open for any other opportunities that I may get to be involved in other workshops throughout the year. Again, thank you for bringing your knowledge to a place where others can learn and advance themselves..!!"
Vicky Kresinske, Art of the Carolinas, Raleigh, NC, Oct. 2011

"Thank you, thank you! Learned a lot, and enjoyed meeting you."
Linda Lavigne, Art of the Carolinas, Raleigh, NC, Oct. 2011

"I really enjoyed your workshops and will be incorporating many of the things I learned in my work. Like I told you I have only been painting since February and have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge about color and painting techniques. My only complaint was that I would rather have had entire day sessions on Commanding Color and Landscape Logistics. They were too short for me...just gave me a taste and I was ready for a feast, which I know you can provide. I will be watching for future workshops."
Ron Pedonti, Art of the Carolinas, Raleigh, NC, Octtober 2011

"I loved your workshop, and heard such wonderful feedback on other workshops you taught. Quite aside from the great color information you impart in your workshop, universally everyone was impressed by the way your classes are organized. It makes workshop attendees very happy to be able to get right down to the information they have paid for rather than to fuss around with incidentals. It is like getting so much more for your money."
Barbara Parker, Art of the Carolinas, Raleigh, NC October 2011

"This has been the most enjoyable painting workshop I have ever attended. I learned exactly what I had hoped to - what I felt Caroline Jasper represented in her class description."
Jennifer C. Fenner, Art of the Carolinas, Raleigh, NC October 2011

"It was a really great experience to be in your two day workshop. I hope you will come back to the desert soon! You are an excellent art instructor. I so much want to get back to my oil painting with your style in mind."
Linda Godbold, Venus Studios Art Supply, Palm Desert, Oct. 2011

"Thank you Caroline. You are a fantastic teacher and person. I hope to have the pleasure of taking another workshop from you in the future."
Lisa Gray-Shellberg, Professor Emerita of Psychology, California State University, Dominquez Hills Learning Product Expo: Art, October 2011

"I really enjoyed your classes at the Pasadena Art Expo!"
Doris Bertch, Learning Product Expo: Art, Oct. 2011

"I enjoyed and learned so much in your workshop. I will try to use this new information. I just wish I had taken more from you. Hope to see you again in town."
Zoong Nguyen, Learning Product Expo: Art, Oct. 2011

"I've never before taken a workshop where I've learned a new way of painting and actually turned out a frameable piece."
Sharon Menary, Learning Product Expo: Art, Oct. 2011

"I so enjoyed taking your workshop yesterday. Thanks so much. You're a wonderful teacher."
Lauren Tom -Learning Product Expo: Art, Oct. 2011

"I am painting now more regularly. You had me do that 5 minute painting and it revolutionized me! I was doing super detailed portraits... and now I paint on stage during worship and church services. I do not have a lot of time to paint, so I just go for it like in your class. I am a seer in the spirit and paint what God shows me or what I feel He is leading me to paint."
Chrisie Council, Oct. 2011 (attended Art of the Carolinas 2009) www.christinecouncil.com

"The secret to wet on wet is to know where your colors have to go - it's the paint-by-numbers I so love and learned to understand from Caroline Jasper. See the colors; know where they have to go; put them on the canvas and stop there! Thanks Caroline. It was you who gave me all the tools I needed to start painting, not the least of which was the role of color value in a painting, which for me was an invaluable insight. Your workshop was insightful and inspiring. See. Look what you made me do."
Jane Clatsworthy - attended the East End Art Guild, Puerto Rico, Feb. 2011 workshop

"I really enjoyed the classes I had the fortune to take with you."
Gerri Bloomberg, Vermont Art Event, July 2011

"It was wonderful and I truly enjoyed your one-stroke approach. I was totally surprised how fast I painted."
Sandra Karakoosh - Vermont Art Event, July 2011

www.HomeInspectionCarolina.com - Cheap Joe's, June 2011

"Your Powercolor Painting workshop last week was the BEST I have ever taken. To teach art, it is not enough to be a good artist. Having taken a couple of workshops from artists whom I admired as artists and thought I would learn from, I know from whence I speak. Being a good (or great) teacher is the real key. And you, my dear, are a great teacher. Your education background made a huge difference in the quality of the workshop:

  1. You are obviously at ease in the process of and enjoyment of teaching.
  2. It is apparent that you have spent a lot of time and effort in the visual aids you utilized. Know that it made a difference.
  3. You were there every morning early and every morning you were prepared. That, too, makes a difference.
  4. During class you spent more time with each of us individually than I have ever experienced in a workshop. And that was quality time, too.
  5. You were there for us who came early and/or stayed late. No hesitancy on your part to help, even when you were "off the clock"
  6. As Jack, in our workshop stated, "the first 20 pages of your book was an epiphany" after many years of trying to understand color theory. I agree. It all came together for me too. Thank you Caroline. You have inspired me."
Kaaren McNulty - Cheap Joe's, June 2011

"I very much enjoyed your workshop. You are an exceptional teacher! This was the best workshop I have ever attended. I enjoyed meeting my fellow artists and feel that everyone else felt the same. You have a wonderful way of making everyone feel like we have created something special."
Jane Vieth - Cheap Joe's, June 2011

"I truly enjoyed meeting you and taking your class. I learned a great deal from you as you are an excellent teacher."
Dillman's Creative Arts Foundation, May 2011

"Back home again and grateful for the opportunity to meet you and learn more about color. Lots to think about. I loved all the visuals you used to teach us. I hope I get to work with you again someday. Thanks."
Vivian Dunbar - Dillman's Creative Arts Foundation, May, 2011

"I enjoyed your class so much. Your directness and ability to key into people is great! And your work is wonderful. I can't wait to have the time to finish paintings I worked on. It was a pleasure to spend a week with you."
Denise Susalka, Puerto Rico, Feb. 2011

"Again thank you so much. You taught me a new way of viewing things for a painting. Now I'm starting to see things as a puzzle."
Awilda Maldonado - East End Art Guild, Puerto Rico, Feb. 2011

"We had a wonderful time and absorbed so much. Thanks again!"
Diane Cutter - Workshop Coordinator, East End Art Guild, Puerto Rico, Feb. 2011

"Great class (after years of being too scared to pick up a paintbrush). I loved your approach to painting!! especially with "breaking all the rules" foundation. Thank you for explaining depth in painting so simply and clearly!!... definitely worth the price of admission. I really got it. The painting aside, that depth lesson will be with me forever. Thanks."
Marc Gill - Ringling College of Art & Design, Spring, 2011

Instructional Demos

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Wet Canvas to Go

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Caroline has many possible workshops available! See one you want to take or offer for your organization, let her know.



Personalized one-on-one consultation with Caroline Jasper via email

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Tips for painting approach, methods, color theory, color mixing/choice/use, etc. Reading and web references per your interests.
Extend Topics
Go into greater detail on any of the artist's book, DVD, workshop themes, or demos.
Useful advice. Constructive, definitive comments toward improving your work (in progress or finished)
Detailed responses to your questions about methods, color strategies, composition, content, expression, etc. - whatever your artistic concerns.
Progress Checks
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Take advantage of the instructor's objective, experienced eye, capable of recognizing what you may be too involved to notice. You might be alone at your canvas, yet feedback, advice and encouragement are just a click away.
Define your own individualized aesthetic. Discover and nurture personal style and statement in your work. What motivates you to paint? What is your work about? Whose artwork influences you?
Thoughts running in circles in your own mind? Raise your awareness. Reach out and voice those thoughts to your personal painting instructor and get results!

How it Works

Inquiry (no charge)
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· In each email, send one or two images of your work at a time, either in-progress or completed. Include your questions, concerns, frustrations, epiphanies, etc. regarding image(s) sent. Wait for Caroline's reply before sending your next email for consult.
· Mutually convenient scheduling. One session or on-going consultations, as needed.
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Artist Resources

Caroline Jasper is a painter, art instructor of 40+ years and author of books: POWERCOLOR - Master Color Concepts for All Media and PAINTERS' GUIDE & COLOR MANUAL- Strategies for All Media, also DVDs: "Color Moves - Painting Water with Oils", "Landscape Oil Painting on Red Ground", "Dramatic Depth in Painting - Traditional Oils, Acrylics, Water-Soluble Oils", "Powercolor vol.1,2,3", plus color mix vs. mingle chart "Color Shifts".

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Artist Materials

Learn about the artist supplies and materials that Caroline uses.

"I begin each painting on red canvas. My "Jasper Red" is a 50/50 mix of Carmine and Orange, making a color much like Cadmium Red. Gesso color is applied as a top-coat over primed canvas. Red is the axis of color contrast and interaction with greens and blues common to most of my subjects. When the subject is dominated by hot colors, I often choose Cerulean Blue Hue for my ground color. You get vibrant color and opaque coverage in one thin coat. Gesso is allowed to dry before painting." -Caroline